ADDRESS: 22 Bendigo St, Richmond 3121
CLOSED: 1976
BUILDING STATUS: Converted to apartments

Built in the GTV9 television station where live-to-air variety show In Melbourne Tonight was produced.  Young boom operator John French was asked to become mixing board operator at a time when the live music scene of the 70’s was about to take off.  French recorded local bands when the studio was not being used for television recordings and became a pioneer of Australian music production.  French recorded the first release for Mushroom Records, a live recording of Sunbury Music Festival where equipment from TCS was trucked to the festival site.  John Sayers joined the production team at TCS and despite its short lifespan, the studio produced a significant amount of recordings.  Design modifications were made by a young Dave Flett (Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band) who went on to design a number of local studios.  Sayers moved interstate and also moved into studio design where he still contributes his knowledge of acoustic treatment of recording spaces.



Madder Lake, Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons, Skyhooks, Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs, The Dingoes, Blackfeather, Sherbert, Lobby Loyde, Allison Durbin, Chain, Ray Birgess, Phil Manning, Skyhooks, Ross Wilson, Morning of the Earth soundtrack, The Sports, LRB and more.

John French

John Sayers

Dave Flett